Sababbi Mangal, Chairman – AARS Group of Companies

​The Inventor, Author of 12 Books, Holder of 3 World Records is a professional Memory Trainer & speaker, who holds 3 World Records in Memory, Mind and Brain Power. he  is  the  first  Indian to  break World Record in Super Strong Memory & Mental Calculations in the presence of huge audience of around 20,000 people at  VNIT Nagpur during the event Aarohi - 09. HE holds World Wide Copyright for his invention World’s Longest Unlimited Years of Calendar. Using  his  memory  techniques many students has created World Records for Fastest Memorizing and extraordinary brain powers. He has been published in various News Papers like The Tribune, Dainik Bhaskar, Ajit, Punjab Kesari and Dainik Jagran conducting double your memory seminars in various countries of the World. ​


  • Sababbi Mangal,  a  local  lad ,  has created  a  world ​record  yet  again. . . . . The Tribune, April 9, 2009​
  • Sababbi  creates  world  record  by  calculating  the  day of  60  random dates selected by computer in 60 seconds ​only ​ . . . . Danik Bhaskar, April 9, 2009
  • Youth makes memorise calendar for infinite years. . . . . . the Tribune, September 26, 2009​
  • Local lad has Created an “Unbreakable” World Record​ in Memory . . . . ​The Tribune, March 10, 2009​
  • Sababbi Mangal   was   awarded  with   Record  Holders Republic  UK . . . . Danik Jagran, April 10, 2009​

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